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(L-R: (blue) Saraswati Saha, 84; unnamed; (white) Kamla Das, 90; (green) Purnima Mandol, 36; and unnamed) Elderly women who were the original refugees of The Partition gather and discuss their unfortunate situation outside their homes in Cooper's Camp, Nadia district, Ranaghat, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India, on 19th January, 2012. "They dropped us off here (over six decades ago) and I'm still here!" says Kamla Das. "We would never want to go back to Bangladesh." Over 60 years after the bloody creation of Bangladesh in 1947, refugees who fled what was then known as West Pakistan to India still live as refugees, standing in line for government handouts..Photo by Suzanne Lee for The National (online byline: Photo by Szu for The National)