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Women sit around in the Akanksha surrogate house as posters of babies and religious symbols adorn the walls...Shilpa Ben Praveenbhai Maikwan, 28, (2nd from left) is carrying a baby for her clients from Delhi, India. "we do this so our children will not lead a life such as ours, we want a better life for them.".(left to right) .Unknown; Shilpa Maikwan; Indu Ben Dasrathbhai Pawar (Also photographed in ultrasound room; "there is a fear about health... then we think that its in gods hands and pray that its a smooth pregnancy); Martha Sanjay Chauhan (35, christian);..The Akanksha Infertility Clinic in Anand, Gujarat, India, is known internationally for its surrogacy program and currently has over a hundred surrogate mothers pregnant in their environmentally controlled surrogate houses.