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In pink: Anjuman Salimkhan Pathan, 30, is a hindu who married a muslim man (love marriage), and is carrying a baby for an American couple who are ethnically Indian. "What i'm doing is a sin in Islam but I'm very poor and we have 3 children. We also want our own house.... My stomach has been cut once so how does it matter to be cut a second time?"..Women lounge around the surrogate house for their entire term of pregnancy while posters of babies and religious symbols adorn the walls together with calendars that they often use to count their days to the end of their terms. The women come to the house with just a small bag of clothes as everything else is provided for in the house...The Akanksha Infertility Clinic in Anand, Gujarat, India, is known internationally for its surrogacy program and currently has over a hundred surrogate mothers pregnant in their environmentally controlled surrogate houses.