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(L-R)  Kelaji Adivasi (45), Tribhuvan Adivasi (50), Vinita (23, married when 14, has 3 children), and Vinita's baby stand in their house as Vinita visits the tribal hamlet. Tribhuvan, a farm labourer, says that "it was a mistake to have so many children. Food is difficult for us." Kelaji and Tribhuvan have a total of 6 children and live in poverty in Baul ka Dhera hamlet, Mugari Village, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Allahabad, a poorer district of the state of Uttar Pradesh, is the most populated district of the most populous state of India. While Ghaziabad, located close to India's capital city, Delhi, has a population of 4,661,452 with a sex ratio of 878 girls against every 1000 boys, and a high literary percentage of 85%, Allahabad, has a population of 5,959,798 and a sex ratio of 902 girls against every 1000 boys and a literacy rate of 74.41%. Photo by Suzanne Lee / Panos London