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Jonathan Isaac Newman lights a cigarette outside a thai restaurant in Khao San as he heads out for a party in Bangkok after Chanuka celebrations at Chabad Bangkok (Khao San), Thailand on 12th December 2009. He has just moved in this week and lives alone..Jon, an Irish/American, is a jeweller by profession, owns a video game manufacturing company in the USA, and used to work for the FBI. His brother is a rabbi. Jon has 4 children with his ex-wife, an Israeli. He speaks 7 languages and has recently decided to live to Bangkok. People often mistake Jon for a rabbi in Chabad Khao San because he wears a black coat and hat. However, soon after prayers, Jon changes into t-shirt and jeans, carrying his prayer clothes in a bag with him as he walks home..Photo by Suzanne Lee / For Chabad Lubavitch