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Three Hindu pandit (religious holy men) who have agreed to stop solemnizing child marriages (L-R) Dharma Raj Regmi (57), Narain Prasad Sharma (57), and Tulasi Prasad Sharma (47), at the Shiva Temple in Chhinchu, Surkhet district, Western Nepal, on 1st July 2012. Narain says that people are afraid of talking marrying their underaged children in front of them because of their strong stance against it. Tulasi Prasad was Tulasa Khadka's school teacher and was so much against Khadka's decision to get married at 13 that he was estranged from the family. Dharma has 3 daughters, all active in the local and district level Child Clubs, supported by Save the Children and their local partner NGO Safer Society, that advocates for child rights and against child marriages. Photo by Suzanne Lee for Save The Children UK