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Akilan Vijayarangam ..22 year old Akilan Vijayarangam is from Chennai. He works under the first level support team and MOC (Management Operational Centre) wherein his work involves monitoring engineering screen and assigning tickets to relevant groups. Akilan works an average of 9 hours a day and plays badminton and Table Tennis with his bosses during spare time. He also represents his office Table Tennis team for various competitions.  "I am lucky I get to play with the big bosses, I get to have personal interaction with them - and they constantly encourage me not only for my professional development but also on the sports front," says Akilan. "They are very simple people, and do not have a concept of hierarchy" he laughingly adds...Akilan couldn't afford to pay his engineering college fees while he was studying Computer Science, but managed to get scholarships and complete his studies. " I won many accolades for my college for various sports events I participated, I do the same here... sports is very important for me, and MindTree appreciates it, and helps me realise my dreams, not just by sitting behind the computer but on sports arenas too." ..KPN company, Getronics, has off shored multiple business units to the Indian company, Mind Tree in Bangalore, the 'Silicon Valley of India', in the state of Karnataka, India. .Photo by Suzanne Lee for Hollandse Hoogte.