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(L-R) 26 year old sailor Third Officer Jaswinder Singh's wife Nirmal Singh (aged 23) and son Abhimanyu (aged 2), and brother Rigan Singh visit Delhi from Haryana..Immediate family members of the 6 Indian sailors, out of 24 international crew members of the M.V. Iceberg 1, held captive by Somali pirates visit the Indian capital of Delhi to hold a press conference in hope of pushing for the release of the hostages. Captured 16 months ago as it was docked at Aden Port, Gulf of Aden, Somalia, MV Iceberg 1 is the longest-held ship by Somali pirates. The Indian sailors are Dheeraj Tiwari, Swapnil Jadhav, Ganesh Mohite, Saji Kumar Purshottam, Santosh Kumar Yadav and Jaswinder Singh. Photo by Suzanne Lee