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(L-R) Mosiammat Rahimah Begum (yellow sari) and Mosammat Reshona Khatun (center, red sari) work on their rugs at the Mornia Kik Rug Factory in Doani Villlage, Haragach Upazila, Rangpur, Bangladesh on 19th September 2011 where they work alongside 25 rural village women making rugs for German textile discounter Kik. Over 400 women have been economically empowered through the CARE Bangladesh WONDER Project that was completed recently. The WONDER Project's goals were to create sustainable income and employment opportunities for extremely poor women by training them in rug production for export. The women now earn about 4000 Bangladeshi Taka per month. The WONDER Project has now moved into a new phase that focusses on general healthcare, workplace safety and nutritional training and awareness programs. Photo by Suzanne Lee for The Guardian