Surrogate Mothers of India's 'Cradle of the World'

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Sharda Solanki, 36, tends to her buffaloes, in front of the land she now owns, in the compound of her house, all bought with the money she made from doing 2 surrogacies, in Anand, Gujarat, India on 9th December 2012. While her husband Kantibhai works as a security guard earning 5000 rupees per month, Sharda had made hundreds of thousands with 2 surrogacies that she did with Akanksha Clinic, which she used to buy land, buffaloes, build washrooms in her house and extend the house. She had also saved a substantial amount to fund her 3 children's educations and make sure that her 2 daughters will find husbands to match their current status. Photo by Suzanne Lee / Marie-Claire France