Surrogate Mothers of India's 'Cradle of the World'

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Sharda Solanki, 36, carries fodder for her buffaloes, as she walks through the land she now owns, in front of her house, all bought with the money she made from doing 2 surrogacies, in Anand, Gujarat, India on 9th December 2012. While her husband Kantibhai works as a security guard earning 5000 rupees per month, Sharda had made hundreds of thousands with 2 surrogacies that she did with Akanksha Clinic, which she used to buy land, buffaloes, build washrooms in her house and extend the house. She had also saved a substantial amount to fund her 3 children's educations and make sure that her 2 daughters will find husbands to match their current status. Photo by Suzanne Lee / Marie-Claire France