Surrogate Mothers of India's 'Cradle of the World'

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Dr. Nayana Patel, sits at her desk in her Akanksha IVF and surrogacy center that she founded with her husband, Dr. Hitesh, in Anand, Gujarat, India on 11th December 2012. She had done her first successful surrogacy birth in 2003, and has delivered over 565 babies since the clinic's establishment. When choosing surrogates, they are counseled, and screened following a stringent guideline. Surrogates must be married and have completed their own families with their own children, and the couple must be medically, physically, psychologically, emotionally and mentally sound. While 15% of couples are infertile globally, only 6% of infertility cases require surrogacy as a last option. Photo by Suzanne Lee / Marie-Claire France