Surrogate Mothers of India's 'Cradle of the World'

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Dhiraj Khristi, 36, and his daughter (center) prepare food for their buffaloes at their farm house in Anand, Gujarat, India on 9th December 2012. Dhiraj's sister had convinced his wife Pinki to become a surrogate together in 2008 and Pinki has since done 2 surrogacies. While the couple used to make 2000-5000 rupees per month from farming and as labourers, she had made over 850,000 from both her surrogacies and had bought land, buffaloes and saved 320,000 rupees in a fixed deposit. They have both also convinced other villagers to become surrogates and earned a small amount from a successful introduction to Dr. Nayana Patel resulting in pregnancy. Photo by Suzanne Lee / Marie-Claire France