Jews in Thailand

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Jonathan Isaac Newman lights candles and prays, before he heads out for a party, in his one bedroom apartment in Bangkok after Chanuka celebrations at Chabad Bangkok (Khao San), Thailand on 12th December 2009. He has just moved in this week and lives alone..Jon, an Irish/American, is a jeweller by profession, owns a video game manufacturing company in the USA, and used to work for the FBI. His brother is a rabbi. Jon has 4 children with his ex-wife, an Israeli. He speaks 7 languages and has recently decided to live to Bangkok. People often mistake Jon for a rabbi in Chabad Khao San because he wears a black coat and hat. However, soon after prayers, Jon changes into t-shirt and jeans, carrying his prayer clothes in a bag with him as he walks home..Photo by Suzanne Lee / For Chabad Lubavitch