Jews in Thailand

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Ilya (left in mirror) train with punching bags in Rompo Muay Thai Gym, Khlong Toei, Bangkok city, Thailand on 14th December 2009..Ilya Bashes, aged 27, from Herzeliya, Israel, has been fighting seriously for 5 years. He met Shuki in a muay thai seminar in Israel and decided immediately that he would come to Thailand to train under Shuki. "I knew he was serious from the look in his eyes," says Shuki. Ilya has since been to Thailand 3 times, for 6 months each time. Ilya is rapidly gaining a good reputation in Thailand as a strong fighter. When back in Israel, he works as a Sushi chef in an expensive restaurant. Ilya 's family is of Russian heritage, very non-religious. "Chabad keeps the people together yet it doesn't push religion on to people.".Photo by Suzanne Lee / For Chabad Lubavitch