Jews in Thailand

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Shuki Rosenzweig sits on a couch at the Chanuka celebrations organised by Chabad Bangkok on 13th December 2009, at Paragon Mall's IMAX theater, Bangkok, Thailand. Shuki broke his left hand in a competition last week...Shuki, aged 40, is a professional Muay Thai Boxing fighter (champion) and trainer who has lived for 9 years in Thailand. He is famous in Israel as the authority of this sport. Started at the age of 12 in boxing in Israel, Jerusalem. Used to work in the fish market. His father is a 'legend' in Jerusalem fish market. Shuki stopped working with his dad about 13 years ago. He has opened some muay thai gyms in Thailand in the past. He currently has about 5 Israeli fighters under his training in Bangkok, besides fighters of other nationalities. Shuki found religion in Bangkok with Chabad about 4 years ago. He never misses Shabbat and loves to sing the songs of prayer, priding himself with a good voice..Photo by Suzanne Lee / For Chabad Lubavitch