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Ajay Singh (right) talks of the importance of family planning with Dr. Meenal Mehta (unseen) as he cares for 2 of his grand children in the village of Shahpurjat, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. While his elder daughter-in-law has had a tubectomy done after having 2 sons, his younger daughter-in-law is still pushing for a son after having 2 daughters so far. Ajay has even suggested that his two daughter-in-laws exchange a daughter for a son in order to solve the issue of his younger daughter-in-law's desire for a son. USAID NSV project part time link worker Radhey Shyam (aged 44, top left) listens. Radhey has just received his 'no sperm certificate' today 1.5 months after his NSV. He has 4 children and is very happy about his decision to have an NSV. Photo by Suzanne Lee / Panos London