Bangladesh, The battle against Child Marriage

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Mony Mala (16, 3rd from left) speaks during a monthly meeting of a Children's Group in Bhashantek Basti (Slum) in Zon H, Dhaka, Bangladesh on 23rd September 2011. Mony says, "I'm still a child, not prepared to be a wife. I feel pained that my parents don't see a point in educating me just because I'm a girl. I feel terrible when we are not able to stop a child marriage because the elders do not listen to us." The Bhashantek Basti Childrens Group is run by children for children with the facilitation of PLAN Bangladesh and other partner NGOs. Slum children from ages 8 to 17 run the group within their own communities to protect vulnerable children from child related issues such as child marriage. Photo by Suzanne Lee for The Guardian