Bangladesh, The battle against Child Marriage

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Tamanna Jinnat (13, red scarf) speaks during a monthly meeting of a Children's Group in Bhashantek Basti (Slum) in Zon H, Dhaka, Bangladesh on 23rd September 2011. Tamanna explains, "we have an organised system: we have a list of girls who are potential child brides and we check on them. Another initiative is making sure that there is birth registration for babies so that there will be a proof of their age." Tamanna's mother said that "at your age, you are not aware of the benefits of an early marriage," to which Tamanna replied, "how about issues of maternal mortality from being too young to bear children?". She also wants to be allowed to work part time so she can support her own education and independence. The Bhashantek Basti Childrens Group is run by children for children with the facilitation of PLAN Bangladesh and other partner NGOs. Slum children from ages 8 to 17 run the group within their own communities to protect vulnerable children from child related issues such as child marriage. Photo by Suzanne Lee for The Guardian